Skipton, Yorkshire
(with Rivington Morris, White Rose Morris and Hexadaisy)
14th May 2017

A composite of two pictures to follow, here is a bit of a team photo.
R-L: Rivington (red skirts), Thelwall dancing, White Rose men behind, Hexadaisy in green tops.

Rivington dance with some White Rose and Thelwall observing closely

White Rose dance whilst Thelwall cast a critical eye

Hexadaisy in action - mainly only four dancrs up at any time

Th dancing spot

Thelwall across the canal

Winding up for a big clash of sticks

Two perfect lines an all with both feet on the ground - dancing perfection

Rivington ladies in action

Geoff takes charge of the sticks

Hexadaisy dancing to an attentive audience

Good crowd, albeit slow to assemble

Six lads a-leaping (well, almost)

Still not quite there!

Roundy bit

The music  and not a single lady watching them

Picking or scratching - you decide

Line up - music at the ready

En Route to new location

Not even Kevin can reach ---->

At the new location

Mother and daughter

Bit of product placement - though not quite sure how to pronounce In't'rio

Andrew gets separated from his shadow

Rivington watch Thelwall - no doubt thinking what a bunch of handsome lads (or perhaps something else)

To the high street

Music and a cast of eight

Swing backs whilst running out of pavement

That one went for a six (had it been cricket)

More clashing

That's the end of that one

With or without the beard - can't decide so...


The shaven beard clearly given an extra bit of height off the ground 

Andrew being a bit rude

Is one person right or one person wrong

Spot the difference competition

Front lads having a bit of a knees up

Back to the canalside

Rivington prepare to dance on

Thelwall prepare for a line dance (only kidding)

End of the day and Bonny Green Garters

Half Gyp


Side steps

More rounds

Big Finish

©2017 Thelwall Morris Men